Who Is Ahi?

To start off, hello and thanks for checking out Ahi Marketing. My name is John Ahi and I am the face behind Ahi. This whole journey starts all the way back to when I was a young boy with a big passion for cars. From the Fast & Furious series, or playing Need for Speed on my ps2 I have always has a passion to be in the automotive industry. 

I originally started off as a photographer at 15 as I wanted to go to car meets but didn’t have my licence so I would trade a photoshoot for a ride to the meet. That quickly evolved into constantly trying to improve my craft, expand my knowledge and try to be the best I can be. After many years of being a full-time photographer I had the opportunity to join a local social media start up which opened me to the world of social media marketing. 

After a year at the startup I ended up working for a local Jeep dealership creating their content, managing their social media, and running social media advertisements. I quickly grew their social accounts and improved their brand awareness. I worked there for a year then decided to take the leap and start my marketing company, and I am grateful to say that Murray Jeep Ram is still being managed by Ahi Marketing!

Done For You Lead Generation

We create, manage, optimize and deliver all your leads and pair them with our sophisticated market automation. All you do is finalize the sale.


What We Do

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